We are committed to offering quality products which meet the requirements of today’s laboratory and animal production needs at competitive prices and backed with a high level of service.

Consultancy services

Our Consultancy services are provided by a professional expert who provides expert advice to the industries we serve and our COnsultancy Services are top notch

Farm set up

Starting a farm is no easy task.  It involves many variables involving where you want to farm, how you want to farm, what you want to farm, and how big you want your farm to be.  There are many things to consider, thats where we come in to help

Equipment procurement

We help Our client in industries such as Medicals, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture in the acquiring of the best items of equipment needed for their production, and we make sure they get the best

Demo Farm, Training R&D, Services, Project management

Demonstration Farm provides hands-on training with new, organic ways of farming, new farming techniques and introduction of new crops.

Lab set up

You can Set up your new lab with complete support from RPC. We offer an intuitive, comprehensive program that suit our client to get optimum result

Establishment of Artificial Insemination station

Artificial insemination  is a method of treating infertility by inserting semen directly into a womb. Medical scientists developed the procedure to breed livestock. We provide this services to our client

Providing and supporting modern livestock production technology and laboratory analytical solutions


Dairy, Farm Technology

BRIEF A complete technological solution for dairy development and sustainable Livestock production



BRIEF Innovative easy -to -use medical technology for better health care services


Petroleum, fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Cement

BRIEF One Stop shop for quality analytical solution for Petroleum, fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and cement industry


Analytical Laboratories, Tertiary Institutions and Research

BRIEF Providing and supporting laboratory analytical solutions and tools for research in the most professional way.


Animal Husbandry & Livestock , Veterinary , Dog Breeding

BRIEF providing and supporting innovative technological solutions that meet the needs of today’s livestock production


Food and Feed, Edible Oil, Grains and Flour

BRIEF Providing and supporting laboratory analytical solutions for optimum productivity and premium quality.Providing and supporting laboratory analytical solutions for optimum productivity and premium quality.